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Vision And Mission



The purpose of Ghana’s Legal Aid Scheme is to ensure equality of access to justice and treatment before the law by serving as a Public Defender for the poor in need of cost effective justice.

  • Establishing sufficient presence in the districts to ensure legal aid is accessible to the indigent in need of legal services
  • Ensuring the availability of qualified, diligent, and committed legal, paralegal, and alternative dispute resolution personnel to provide legal services to protect the interests and rights of the indigent
  • Developing an informed public with an increased understanding of the law and the legal services provided by the Scheme
  • Cooperating with local and international legal aid practitioners to learn and share similar experiences



The strategic directions are developed from the Scheme’s mandate as well as an analysis of the external and internal environment to guide the Legal Aid Scheme during the planned period. The overall goal the Scheme would like to achieve is a just and equitable society where Ghana’s socially and financially disadvantaged in need of legal services have nationwide access to high quality legal aid.

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