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LAS Denu office holds education and awareness creation for physically challenge.


The Legal Aid Scheme, Denu district office under the Ho regional office in the Volta region held a one day awareness creation and legal aid education to members of the Ghana Association of Physically challenge, Aflao branch. 

The event was a round seated gathering of various people with disability, who engaged the legal aid offices with their problems, challenges and difficulties and how the Legal Aid Scheme can help them to access justice in some perculiar cases such as disability through motor or work accident.

At the end of the event most of the members of the association where thankful to the Legal Aid Office for reaching out to them and providing answers and solutions to some of their needs and worries. They appealed to all Ghanaians to in one way or the other, either by cash or kind to help the poor and physically challenged in society. They said disability is not inability, hence society should not neglect and reject or ridiclue but rather reach out and show some care and love.

Below are a few pictures taken by the LAS officer who visited the group, Mr Senyo Asase of the Denu Office of the Legal Aid Scheme. This innititative is a good display of the core mandate of the Scheme and its functions to serving the poor and vulmerable in society.











Above is Mr Senyo Asase and some volunteers who paid the visit to the disability home.

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