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Legal Aid Communication Strategy Validation Developed

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Communication Strategy

The Legal Aid Scheme (LAS) in 2013, developed a Strategic Plan (2014-2019) to guide its organisational development through a coherent delivery of its core mandate of providing equitable justice to the poor and vulnerable in the Ghanaian society for the next five years, in accordance with the LAS’ mandate under the Legal Aid Scheme Act, 1997 (Act 542).

This is in   line with the vision of making LAS the leading agency that will deliver professional and quality legal services to the poor, while partnering harmoniously with stakeholders in the justice system to achieve a just and equitable Ghanaian society.

Inherent in the strategic plan are a number of activities that are communication related, which    will require a Communication Strategy to ensure a consistent and coherent implementation.


1.0 Goal:

Develop a communication strategy that will improve public knowledge and access of the services of the Legal Aid Scheme in Ghana.

Specific Objectives: the Communication strategy will therefore help to achieve the following objectives;

• Create public awareness of the existence of the Legal Aid Scheme.

• Inform the public, particularly   the poor and vulnerable, about the available   services of the  

   Legal Aid Scheme.

• Improve on the public knowledge, particularly, the poor and the vulnerable about how to access

   the services of the Legal Aid Scheme.

• Galvanize and improve internal working relations among the staff of the Legal Aid Scheme to

   achieve its mandate.

• Cultivate relations with stakeholders, with the aim of poling resources to improve upon the services of the legal aid scheme to the targeted beneficiaries.








2.0 Communication Activities:

Some of the communication related activities identified in the Strategic Plan are as follow:

2.1 Public Awareness and Education

• Increase public confidence in the country legal system through legal education and awareness.

• Increase public awareness of the Legal Aid Scheme.

• Provide information on legal aid services, how to access it and the expected beneficiaries.

• Enhance understanding of legal issues among the vulnerable groups in order to encourage them to access LAS

2.2. Partnership and Networking:

Build relationships between LAS and some of the targeted beneficiary “communities” to facilitate mutual working relations.      

• Nurture and maintain effective working relationships with state t and non-state actors in the provision of justice to the poor and vulnerable.

• Foster and maintain effective working relationships with legal aid service providers for improved service delivery to the poor and vulnerable.

• Promote and facilitate active participation of stakeholders in legal aid system to share knowledge, and offer expertise and specialization.

• Develop and manage working relationships with strategic partners e.g. corporate Ghana.

2.3 Branding

The Scheme hopes to   improve on its public perception and image based on the under listed intents:

• Create and ensure visibility of LAS at all the administrative levels i.e. national, regional, districts and the community levels

• Position LAS as an advocate and defender of human dignity and freedoms through the provision of timely and high quality legal aid services to the poor and vulnerable.

2.4 Resource Mobilization:

As part of the Strategic Plan, LAS has earmarked to generate additional funding sources to meet its funding gap from the state. This can be done with good Communication Strategyand activities. The following are some of the activities;

• Develop a resource mobilization policy to actively pursue additional funding to augment Ghana  Government funding.

• Streamline a marketing intervention approach in its activities, without sacrificing the core functions of the Scheme.

• Package and showcase the activities of LAS as the social   responsibility interventions to the vulnerable and poor, the public, particularly, potential funding partners.

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