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Legal Aid in conjuction with UNICEF has organised two workshops for Juvinile Justice Delivery and Child Vulnerability in Ghana. The workshop was in two sections the northern sector and the southern sector and organised between February and April, 2015.

The objectives of the workshop inter alia aimed at enhancing staffs knowledge in; Child Rights and Responsibility, Juvenile Offending, Procedure in Juvenile Courts and Pre & Post Trial Issues Related to Children, etc.

The Children’s Act, 1998 (Act 560)  and the Juvenile Justice Act, 2003 (Act 653)  were the relevant documents that were used for the training. Other relevant areas that this report covers are child participation, child development and child vulnerability.

The world is vulnerable; women and children are seen as being the most vulnerable in society with children as particularly so and as such needs special attention in handling their cases both at the family level and at institutions. 

Ghana’s constitution has defined a child as:  “a child is anybody who is below eighteen (18) years”. The child at this stage is considered unable to take decision and as such needs adult’s guidance.

The Children’s Act, 1998 (Act 560) and the Juvenile Justice Act, 2003 (Act 653) states that, when handling matters involving children, their best  interest must be at the center as observed in  section 1 (2) of the Juvenile Justice Act 2003 (Act 653) : ‘a juvenile shall be dealt with in a manner which is different from an adult, except under exceptional circumstances under section 17.

The mandate of LAS is basically to ensure that justice is provided to the vulnerable particularly children. The Juvenile Justice System is a speicialised area and as such anyone dealing with matters of same needs special attention hence the aptness of the workshop.



  • To understand who a child is and why they need special consideration.
  • For non-lawyers to understands some basics in the  children’s act, 1998 (act 560)  and the juvenile justice act, 2003 (act 653).
  • To appreciate and  understand child development, vulnerability and participation in justice delivery.




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